apple cylon.

15 august:

we used the same crust recipe as before, but used all butter instead of the butter-shortening combo. and vanilla vodka, because we’ve been saddled with a bottle that is too sweet to drink but we’re too stubborn to throw it away. the crust was still delicious! and so buttery.

the filling was seven or eight (i can’t count super well, apparently) peeled/cored/sliced apples (yay farmers market!), 1/2c flour, 2t cinnamon, 2T flour and and 3T butter.

because of the crust style, we got to use the pie bird! i (ely) got this pie bird for christmas some years ago because my grandmother, who loved to bake pie, had one. this is the first time it’s seen real use, and it did great! no bubble over, and the crust was appropriately not soggy.

this pie came out to dexter to serve as an after-lake-adventure treat, and served admirably. not as admirably as admiral adama, though.

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