brown sugar cylon.

22 august:

same crust recipe as the apple pie. “all butter, all the time!” – iona.

shortening’s a little gross.

we had too much brown sugar in our (recently tidied!) cabinet of food. way, way too much. even the two cups in this pie hardly make a dent, but one must battle on. the recipe came from google searching “pie with lots of brown sugar” – this was the first one to come up, and thus it was chosen.

it took two trips to the party store because evaporated milk looks a lot like sweetened condensed milk, which is iona’s nice way of saying that ely can’t read. also, i tried to cook the filling without adding the milk and iona had to inform me that you can’t magically cook brown sugar and butter into a liquid filling. whatever.

also, this was made in a tart tin because the pie pan accidentally went home from dexter with julian and hasn’t come home to the battlestar yet.

it is cooling! we just tried the baby pie/little buddy/insert diminutive pastry term here, since it cooled off faster. verdict: delicious! brown sugar taste is subtle at first. and then less subtle.

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