pie catch-up.

our pie schedule has gotten a little off-kilter. ely’s friend shaun stopped by on a bike-trip, so we made him a blackberry-blackraspberry pie (wednesday, august 25th) but did not take pictures, and thus didn’t post about it. that weekend iona had her wisdom teeth out, so we were on a pie hiatus while she was busy healing and eating super soft foods. that brings us up to last weekend!

last weekend was a three pie weekend. one for us, two for evelyn and julian’s barn raising wedding party.

saturday pie: lemon meringue

we used the same old beloved crust recipe, and then followed this recipe for the filling. we pre-baked the crust since the filling/meringue just needed to be browned – we put down a round, basket-style coffee filter and covered it with kidney beans. worked perfectly! also, we hand-whipped the meringue – see above action shot.

the two of us ate (at least) two thirds of the pie before anyone else got any. and feel no regret. minor meringue issues. there is so much internet debate about exactly how warm or not warm the filling should be before you top it. i guess this can be solved by making (and eating) many more.

sunday pies: grape-skin and peach pies

the grape skin pie was inspired by evelyn, who has talked a lot about her grandmother’s pie. right about now is concord grape season at the market, so it just all fit together right! this wins both of our votes for best pie so far. it was so delicious. the filling is less work than the recipe might make it sound – skinning concord grapes is relatively easy (we did it while watching twin peaks!) and having a food mill makes removing the seeds not a big pain. recipe from here.

since the pies were for a wedding themed party, we decided to do wedding inspired crust decorations. excellent heart cut outs done by iona.

peach pie was .. not the best pie we’ve ever made. it had some crust sogginess issues, source unknown. but look how pretty the market peaches are!

that’s it! this week’s sunday pie is being pushed back to tomorrow, but will be a caramel apple pie. it’s fall in michigan, it seems.

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