it’s fall, it’s time for a pumpkin cylon.

which model would a pumpkin cylon be? we vote for number three, aka d’anna biers, aka lucy lawless.

neither of us had made pumpkin pie from scratch before. it’s pretty much the same sort of recipe once you’ve made the pumpkin puree, but this is the one we worked from. putting the pumpkin pieces through the food processor didn’t get it all the way smooth, so after we added the liquid ingredients we put it in the blender and it did the trick.

also. two things.

1. it makes a lot of filling. excess for a 9″ pie dish.

2. it will overflow in the oven. put a tray underneath.

that said, it’s delicious! not that i’m talking trash about from-a-can pumpkin pie, which is also delicious, but i do believe not much could beat a fresh from the market pumpkin.

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