pecan and (non-key) lime cylons.

pecan pie:

we actually made two seperate pecan pies, based on a recommendation from the mother of one of ely’s coworkers – her version substitutes bourbon in place of vanilla extract.

this is the base recipe we used, but we substituted butter for margarine because we could. and we did something different with the pecans, there was some other recipe we were referencing but who knows where that link went! for the pie with vanilla, we chopped up the pecans and just mixed them into the filling. for the pie with bourbon, we didn’t add them to the filling but instead decorated the top with pecan halves.

they were both delicious. iona liked vanilla version better. ely liked bourbon version better, which shouldn’t really be a surprise. marker’s mark in the crust and in the filling = genius.

lime pie:

this recipe was what we used.

we didn’t have key limes, so we just used regular limes instead. the recipe didn’t call for meringue, which was a shame, so we corrected that error. we used the four leftover egg whites, plus six tablespoons of sugar. this time we used a handmixer, which is way way way easier than a whisk and your arm muscle.

this pie was our first adventure into a non-standard crust. it definitely seemed a little dubious at times. but it worked out just fine!

we just used our leftover dough to make a delicious apple turnover. all baked goods all the time here at battlestar revena.

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