pie repeats, red velvet cake.

in the past week-ish, we redid two past favourites – lemon meringue and brown sugar. this time we used meyer lemons, i’m not sure if it made a giant different. as always, tasty.

and in other news, we’re expanding the baking part of battlestar baking past just pies because we do bake non-pie items here on a fairly frequent basis.

that being said, this is spring break and red velvet cake was my big adventure. i’ve never even tried it before, so i’m not surely exactly why i wanted to make it. but i did. so i did. in the course of my recipe research, i found out that all the recipes out there are basically the same. i ended up working from this recipe because she has the best laid out instructions. and because the pictures were the prettiest.

note: making red velvet cake is a total pain in the ass. it uses approximately ten million different bowls and you will end up a bit red and your kitchen sink will look like you butchered something in it.

this is what 2oz of red food dye looks like. this might be more than i’ve used in the rest of my life combined.

when mixed with the cocoa powder, it doesn’t so much form a paste as she described – just a little thicker i guess.

i don’t remember which batter step of the recipe this is, but it’s pretty striking.

i used two 9″ pans. with the batter split between the two, it barely covered the bottoms of the pans. i spent most of the baking time trying to console myself that it would be okay even if they didn’t rise. but they did! the whole baking powder-salt-vinegar-baking soda combo is pretty tough. even well buttered and floured, they were a pain to get out of the pans. giant pain.

and here it is, in all of its red glory. i don’t even know how to describe what it tastes like – not just the buttermilk, not just the cocoa. red. it tastes like red the same way red pop tastes like red. mysteries of midwestern life, i guess.

edit: oh hell, wordpress is being a total pain in my ass and screwing up the pictures. they will get their own post because it is late and i have little patience.

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One Response to pie repeats, red velvet cake.

  1. Denise says:

    I am impressed – never knew what Red Velvet Cake was exactly, so now I’ve learned something. (Jimmy is wondering “was the red dye ecologically sound?”) Hope it didn’t take you too long to clean the kitchen!

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