chocolate chip cookies!

dear iona,

did we ever make cookies together? i don’t remember. i don’t know if i know your cookie preferences. are you a thin crunchy or a big chewy cookie person? or both? these are definitely the latter. they’re the as big as your hand variety. i brought one into work and was eating it and someone asked where it was from and was baffled that i had made it from scratch.

anyways, i made cookies. i just got a package from penzey’s (!) and in it was a new bottle of fancy vanilla (!!) – which comes in bottles up to 16oz. amazing. anyways clearly my new vanilla needed to be tried out. also i wanted sugar. i wasn’t even avoiding laundry, like some people…

this is the recipe:

it is pretty much perfect as it is. i made a half recipe, and just used a whole egg.

ps. it’s rhubarb season!!!!

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One Response to chocolate chip cookies!

  1. ionagiddings says:

    OMG chocolate chip cookies! yeah I usually like chewy unless I have some tea to dip them in.

    my next pie will totally be rhubarb and strawberry or some other tasty berry. I’m ashamed to admit that I used my roommate’s vanilla flavor (fake!) instead of real vanilla extract because it was there. I’m jealous of your fancy vanilla.

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