Tart Cherries! Farmer’s Markets!

Ely! I made a pie last week and I finished eating it (with ice cream) last night! Living alone and baking is a recipe for eating an entire pie in under 7 days.

So anyways I took a couple pictures and I used this recipe from smitten kitchen. The only difference was the shape of the pie and the fruit in the filling!

I only got a pint of sour cherries at the farmer’s market and kept snacking on them so I needed a little more to fill a whole pie. Luckily it is summer and berries are like everywhere. 

There is a Tuesday afternoon farmer’s market just 1/2 a mile from my house. Now, it is called a farmer’s market, and there were farmers and various food carts there, but it was mostly an excuse for the cutest children in Ann Arbor to run around and look at goats and chickens and geese and that one pretty cow. I went in the hopes of getting more tart cherries, but all I found were blueberries. So I thought, sure why not, the sour cherries will be balanced out by the gentle sweetness of the blueberries. 

And then! I got home and saw an email from my landlord telling me to pick all of the volunteer blackberries I could on the property line between our two houses. Blackberries! So serendipity gave me a 3 fruit pie and it was just perfect!

and pretty…

Tart cherry IMAG0245 IMAG0248 IMAG0249

Happy Pie!

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