Strawberry Hand Pies because, why not?

I got a lovely quart of strawberries the other day… yup, a quart. That is a lot of berries. I am a total strawberry fiend but I didn’t want to be sick of strawberries so early in the summer so,

I decided to make some pastries to keep them tasty longer.

I have been hanging out with a vegan a lot lately so I decided to make a vegan pie crust. I used a combination of this recipe and this one. And I noticed that a lot of vegan recipes are very insistent that you follow them exactly or everything will be wrong. So of course I broke all the rules.

and here they are:

Strawberry Hand Pies

They kinda taste like pop tarts, but better.

more strawberries in pies

actually the crust is really good!

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