avoiding sugar is hard

hi iona!

so i ended up following what i said i’d do post-birthday vacation sugar binge, and have stopped eating sugar. well, mostly. i’m not going to be one of those crazy people who doesn’t eat fruit because that’s just dumb. i’m having a bit of sugar in tea, cause duh, and on my grapefruit, cause also duh. and i’m not going to read every bread label to check ingredients. mostly just avoiding the lure of sugary treats, i guess. which is so damn hard working at a grocery store surrounded by treats all the time.

it’s amazing how tough it can be. it kinda hammers home that our little bodies never really caught up to cope with the easy fix of processed sugar. i haven’t baked yet because i haven’t really explored recipes, but i’ll report when i do. the other day i made a chia-almond milk-date pudding and it was the most depressing thing ever, and eating it felt like a chore. but i didn’t want to waste food. so there we go.

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One Response to avoiding sugar is hard

  1. ionagiddings says:

    I love this! I definitely did not give up sugar. There are just too many freshly baked chocolate-filled croissants at my work every morning to give up…

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